Jobs & Career.

At Sliders we have chosen not only to care about food, but also decor
– and thus our guests.
It is the ambition to saturate with impressions over quantities why we insist on nursing everything that has an influence on the guests’ experience.

To accomplish this goal we can only succeed with good people.
People with personality as well as big smiles and small egos.

People who are proud of being good and have youthful boldness.
  • Ambassador

    When we call ourselves family, it is because we mean it. As coworkers we bear great responsibility for ourselves and each other, we are there for each other and we are happy to step up when and wherever help is needed.

    At Sliders it is our most important task to give our guests the feeling that they have stepped out of the ordinary hectic routines for a while and instead can enjoy an atmosphere that supplies good karma and contagious smiles. This means that we take the role as a host seriously. We have an eye on the tables and our guests, whom we equally love to engage with.

    That is why we like to think of the job in the bar as being an “ambassador” for the brand.

    You can work full time and part-time as Ambassador. We make monthly shiftplans, which take study plans into account and creates career space in order for part-time to turn into manager one day. The only requirement we have is that you are 18 years old and have a burning desire to provide a smiling service for our guests.

    Your application is received in our inbox and when the need for more hands arises, your application is reviewed.

  • Artist

    The whole idea of Sliders is to give our guests many small impressions of something different. All recipes on pickles, salads and meats are created from the point of view that food must be exciting and challenging for the recipient. Therefore our menu offers small taste experiences made with professional pride and love for food, why thoroughness and discipline are virtues we have imported with open arms for the making of.

    For that reason we like the consider the making of our sliders an art and thus, we call a position in our kitchen an ‘artist’.

    When it gets hot we keep our heads cold. In that way, we maintain both overview and smiles when the music is playing and the guests order.

    We hire both full-time and part-time Artists and we are happy to plan shifts that are considerate of studies and create career space. We have no requirements to what is stated on your CV but you must be over 18 years, and if you have experience from the industry it is an advantage. Regardless, you should be keen on getting experience from here along with a dynamic everyday life.

    Your application is received in our inbox and when the need for more hands arises, your application is reviewed.