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Our definition of party food:
Easy, practical and damn tasty.

Sliders are the perfect party food. They are delicious, handy, and easy to order out of the house for big or small events, anniversaries and celebrations. Whether you are planning a corporate event, reception, Friday bar or birthday, there is plenty of planning to do. At Sliders we deliver the city’s best burgers. Small in size, big in flavor and packed sensibly, ready to eat. You don’t have to heat the oven, clean the dishes or line up the buffet. We’ll do the cooking.

How do I order?

You order by filling out the form below. Please complete all fields in the form. You will receive an email from with confirmation shortly after, as well as any enquiries / recommendations for your order. Please note that response time may vary during weekends.
In case of any doubts regarding allergens or ingredients, go to Menu

How do we keep the food warm?

We pack all sliders in our signature wrapping, that helps keep the sliders hot. Furthermore, we use thermal boxes to store the food in when it is shipped. These cost 150DKK per box. and is mandatory for the purchase of catering. They can accommodate up to 100 sliders per box depending on the number of variants.

What about delivery?

Naturally there’s no charge for picking up the food yourself. We don’t do deliveries ourselves, however we offer to deliver your food through respected carriers. The carrier sets the price for your delivery based on the number of thermo boxes needed and the zip code of the delivery address. Depending on the distance from our restaurant to your location, you may experience that we will provide strong recommendations for your choice of sliders. We do this to ensure that you get the best possible experience once your food arrives.


If you are not yet sure what to order, or need acceptance from a third party, you’re still welcome to fill out the form and get a non-binding proposal. Just add “proposal wanted” in the commentary field at the bottom of the form, and we will get back to you.
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Order Catering

For orders of less than 60 sliders or 20 menus, please order via our website or via wolt.

Private or Company
Delivery service?

*In case of allergen questions or doubts about content, check the menu page. Please note that some sliders can be chosen vegetarian. If you would like this, please specify how many in the comments section.

In addition, the purchase of thermal boxes for the food is mandatory and costs 150DKK incl. VAT per box, which can hold up to 100 sliders.


For large orders we do not recommend you choose meal deals as they contain side orders.

It is our goal that your experience is fantastic, and cannot guarantee that our fries we be as good as the burgers, once they travel more than 4 kilometers time.

Please note that you will quickly receive an auto-reply with an offer and this email must be answered before the order is placed.

Please expect up to 2–3 workdays for reply