The People.

Who we are.

It takes more than just another set of hands to be a Slider and to us there is no such thing as staff. We consider each other family and treat each other the same.
Devotion to the craft and love for the product is what makes a brand stand out. As Sliders we are proud to say that our family possesses both. Big smiles and small egos, we’re the Sliders people.

The Space.

Atmosphere is everything.

As a destination, we try to manifests ourself as more than a delicious bite. We wish to complete the dining experience within the spaces of our restaurants where raw industrial design and Scandinavian minimalism portrays our setting for individuals coming together over bites and beers.
A gift card to Sliders has not let anyone down yet. Buy your gift card in the restaurant. We will pack it in a nice gift box for you to hand over to the lucky recipient. Note: The gift card can be purchased with any credit card and cash DKK.
Be advised, gift cards are non-refundable
and cannot exchanged for cash in part or full.

The Story.

Keeping it simple.

A simple concept with a simple name.
That was the initial thoughts among a duo of friends in 2011 in a small kitchen in Christianshavn that led to Slider’s birth.
Based on the philosophy of living to eat, rather than eating to live, came the idea of challenging and combining the traditional conception of burger dining and tapas.

After 3 years of inspiration gathering and more than 100 recipes boiled down to 9, it was time that words were transferred into action.
Sliders as a company was founded and the right property located. Shortly thereafter, the journey started and fantasy turned into reality with dreams in mind and crafty hands. During day time we were do-it-yourself constructors, at night soon-to-be entrepreneurs and then everything else in between, just to get by.

Through support from foodies, amazing partnerships and a receptive local community, we have exceeded our own expectations.
With a prize as the best burger in the city and daily visits from hundreds of curious and loyal comfort food lovers, it’s the ambition that Sliders should be able to be experienced and enjoyed as much as possible, by as many as possible.

“Something exciting to eat and something nice to drink. Never ordinary, far from dull.

That’s how brief the Sliders concept can be described and we hope that you – regardless of the extent to which this little adventure should come to – will continue to enjoy our combination of great craftsmanship, creativity and ambition that we have wrapped up in a simple surrounding free of table manners and waiting time.

Thank you.